Electric Geyser Price in Nepal

Electric Geyser Price Nepal

Electric Geyser Price in Nepal

As colder winter approaches, having ready access to hot water is becoming increasingly crucial across the country.

When compared to alternative methods of heating water, such as an immersion rod, electric water heaters are more straightforward, secure, and convenient.

Costs associated with purchasing, operating, and installing one of these water heaters are much lower than those associated with gas-powered models.

Water heaters that run on electricity are more efficient and last longer than gas or LPG models. These water heaters, often called geysers, are great for households, but there are a few things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Heating elements, thermostats, and storage tanks are the three most common components of electric water heaters.

Electric water heaters rely on their heating element more than any other part. Extremely hard or soft water can corrode the geyser’s heating element and inner tank, so it’s important to think about it beforehand.

Let’s take a look at what’s available in our Nepali market :


Electric Geyser Price in Nepal

To get water to a comfortable 45 degrees in just 10 minutes, the Solarium Qube Water Heater makes use of a strong heating element.

– 5 Star Rated Product
– Powerful Heating Element (1200 gm) for Fast Water Heating
– Standby Cutoff that Reduces Electricity Bill
– Superior Polymer Coating


  • Pressure Rating : 8 BAR
  • Tank MS_Polymer Coating
  • Heating Element Copper + Ni Coating
  • Thermostat High Precision Capillary
  • Temp Adjustable Knob Yes
  • Thermal Cut Off Stem Mechanical
  • Anode Rod (MgO) : Yes
  • Mounting Vertical Wall
  • BEE Star Rating 5 Star
  • Power (kW) 2,000 W
  • Capacity (Liters) 15L, 25L
  • Color White
  • Body Plastic
  • Tank 5Ltr

CROMPTON SOLARIUM QUBE 25 Liter GEYSER Price in Nepal : Rs. 19,990
CROMPTON SOLARIUM QUBE 15 Liter GEYSER Price in Nepal : Rs. 17,990

Midea Instant Electric Water Heater DSK45Q

Midea Electric Geyser Nepal

  • Heating elements material: Copper
  • Rated pressure: 10 Bar
  • Water Connection size: 1/2″
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 1.2 Liter/min
  • Color: White
  • Adjustable Pump: No
  • Shower set: Multi spray hand Shower. Rotating Shower Head, 5 patterns
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Rated Power: 0-3300 Watt
  • Power Control: “Stepless control from 0-3300W adjustable.”
  • Max Outlet Water Temperature : 55°C
  • Max Temperature : 95°C
  • Minimum inlet Pressure: 0.3 Bar
  • Maximum inlet Pressure: 3 Bar
  • Water proof class: IP25
  • Temperature adjustable: Yes
  • Indicator light display: LED
  • Precise Thermal Cut-out: Yes
  • Anti Dry-heating Protection: Yes
  • Built-in Auto low Sensor: Yes
  • Japan JST Connector: Yes
  • Overheat Protection (Anti-Scalding protection): Yes
  • Auto Thermal cut off: Yes
  • Manual reset Thermostat: Yes

Midea Instant Electric Geyser DSK45Q Price in Nepal : Rs. 15,600


Crompton Solarium Nepal

The Solarium Neo has superior design and is aesthetically appealing that fits and gels with the bathroom decor. It has a unique Gyroscopic Technology that avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating.

– 5 Star Rated Product
– Standby Cutoff that Reduces Electricity Bill
– Triple Shield Protection from Hard Water
– Incoloy(nickel, iron and chromium) Heating Element


Crompton Amica Price Nepal

Amica’s inner tank made of high-quality steel with Nanobond Polymer technology that increases the life of the inner tank. Amica is provided with a specially designed acrificial magnesium anode to protect the inner tank from corrosion that might get developed due to hard water quality.

  • 5 Star Rated Product
  • Powerful Heating Element (1200 gm) for Fast Water Heating
  • Standby Cutoff that Reduces Electricity Bill
  • Superior Polymer Coating


Pressure Rating8 BAR
TankMS_Polymer Coating
Heating ElementCopper + Ni Coating
ThermostatHigh Precision Capillary
Temp Adjustable KnobYes
Thermal Cut OffStem Mechanical
Anode Rode (MgO)Yes
MountingVertical Wall
BEE Star Rating5 Star
Power (kW)2,000 W
Capacity (Liters)10L, 15L, 25L
BodyPlastic+Sheet Metal
Heating Element2
SAP Code/Dimension
(LxWxH in mm)
ASWH2015 – 360x370x460
ASWH2025 – 350x370x595
Net Weight Approx. (in Kgs)15L-8.16 Kgs
25L-9.9 Kgs
Price10L-NPR. 18,997
15L-NPR. 20,997
25L-NPR. 22,997

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