Mobile Price Nepal

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo Price in Nepal

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo Mobiles Models Price in Nepal (Rs.)
Vivo Y1s(2+32) Rs. 13,599
Vivo Y01 (2+32GB) Rs. 13,999 (New)
Vivo Y1S(3+32) Rs, 14,999
Vivo Y12s Rs. 17,999
Vivo Y15c (3+32GB) Rs 17,999 (New)
Vivo Y15s (3+64GB) Rs. 19,999
Vivo Y20 (3+64GB) Rs. 19,990
Vivo Y20(4+64GB) Rs. 22,799
Vivo Y22 (4GB+64GB) Rs. 22,999 (New)
Vivo Y20s (4+64GB) Rs.25,499
Vivo Y33s (8+128GB) Rs.29,999 (New)
Vivo Y35 (8+128GB) Rs 30,999 (New)
Vivo Y51 (8+128GB) Rs. 33,499
Vivio Y55 (8+128GB) Rs. 33,999
Vivo Y53s (8+128GB) Rs. 34,999
Vivo V20 SE (8+128GB) Rs. 34,999
Vivo V21e (8+128GB) Rs. 39,999
Vivo V23e (8+128GB) Rs. 41,999
Vivo V21 (8+128GB) Rs. 49,999
Vivo V23e (8+256GB) Rs. 46,999
Vivo V23 5G (8+128GB) Rs. 55,999 (New)

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