Cement has become more expensive by Rs 50 per bag

Cement Price in Nepal

Most of the companies have increased cement by Rs 50 per bag. The industries that have said that they are forced to increase the prices have said that they do not see any other option at the moment. This is confirmed by the details of the transactions made by the companies in the financial year 2078/79.
The profit of Shivam Cement, which had a net profit of Rs 1 billion 41 crore this year, fell to Rs 6893 million this year. Shivam’s profit has dropped by 51 percent as the cement business has slowed down.

Shivam is just an example. This is the situation in all cement industries now. The turnover of cement companies has decreased due to the increase in the cost of raw materials, fuel, including coal, as well as the increase in the cost of transportation and the interest rate of the bank.

On the one hand, due to the lack of liquidity in the system, it is not easy to get loans, which is why private construction has been affected. On the other hand, public construction has also been affected because the government has reduced development expenditure.

After external and internal reasons, the cement industry has come to a standstill, they have decided to increase the price at once. For the first time, they collectively increased the price of a sack up to 50 rupees.

This practice has been going on in India. The cement companies of India have also collectively increased the price of cement from reducing it. The same practice seems to be followed by Nepalese cement producers.

Most of the producers have increased the price of cement up to 50 rupees per bag as it is difficult to cover the loss due to continuous decrease in profit. Bank interest, lack of liquidity, increased fuel prices due to the Russia-Ukraine war, due to which the cost of transportation has increased, the losses of cement companies have increased. As shown by the recent financial situation of Shivam Cement. In order to reduce the same and to sustain the company, the cement producers have said that they have increased the price at once.

According to the Cement Producers Association, there are 65 cement industries in the country, including two government ones. The production capacity is 25 million tons per year. 7 lakh sacks of cement were consumed in the season and 3 to 4 lakh sacks in the off-season. While consumption is decreasing, production costs including raw materials have increased. That is why businessmen have been demanding to build concrete roads. But the government has not taken forward such plans.

Sobhakar Hari Neupane, president of Ambe Group, said that even though cement companies have raised prices to reduce losses, they are still not in a position to make a profit. According to him, the increase to 100 rupees per bag will overcome the deficit, but only 50 rupees has been increased due to the off-season.

‘Cement companies have increased the price a little, but there is still a loss. Not for profit. Compulsory increase in prices to ease losses. It’s the offseason. It is not yet decided how much cement will be sold. Even with the increase as much as it is now, there is no condition to make a profit,’ Neupane said. That’s why we have increased by 50 rupees to reduce some losses.’

Similarly, Shiv Prasad Manandhar, the founder general secretary of the Construction Materials Trade Federation, also informed that the price of most of the cements has increased up to 50 rupees per bag for a few weeks.

‘It doesn’t say that. All the cement companies have increased the price of cement. It seems that the cement companies have been increasing the prices since 15-17 days,’ Manandhar told Bizmandu.

Neupane said that because of the high cost of raw materials (including coal), fuel, and the cost of transportation, the interest rates of the banks are high, so the cement companies are losing money.

“Yesterday there was a situation of getting a loan at 7-8 percent, but now we have to pay 12-15 percent. This is also affecting the cement companies, Neupane told Bizmandu. With the increase in prices, now the factory price of OPC cement of different brands is around Rs 650-675 per bag.


Cement Price in Nepal

Cement Price in Nepal 2022 Price Rs.
Brij PPC Cement 43 GRADE 50 KG Rs. 650
Brij OPC Cement 43 GRADE 50 KG Rs. 780
Shivam OPC Cement 43 GRADE 50 KG Rs. 815
Maruti OPC Cement 53 GRADE 50 KG Rs. 780
Maruti OPC Cement 43 GRADE 50 KG Rs. 775
Maruti PPC Cement Rs. 680
Tanseen Opc Cement Rs. 730
Riddhi Siddhi Opc Cement Rs. 750
Jk white cement Rs. 1,450
Hongshi Opc Cement Rs. 795
Hongshi Ppc Cement Rs. 695
Riddhi Siddhi Opc Cement 50 kg Rs. 750
United Cement OPC-50kg Rs. 830
Kalash Cement OPC -50 kg Rs. 750
Kalash Gold Cement PPC -50 kg Rs. 680
Ambe Cement OPC – 50 kg Rs. 800
Rajdhani PPC Cement Rs. 660
Jagdamba Ultra PPC Cement Rs. 760
Maruti Opc Cement Rs. 780
Huaxin Opc Cement Rs. 730
Huaxin PPC Cement Rs. 630
Sarbottam Opc Cement Rs. 725
Advance Opc Cement Rs. 775
Advance PPC Cement Rs. 660
Agni PPC Cement Rs. 680
Alfa Opc Cement Rs. 780
Ambe Hi-Tech Opc Cement Rs. 810
Ambe PPC Cement Rs. 710
Ambuja Opc Cement Rs. 740
Arghakhachi Opc Cement Rs. 790
Arghakhachi PPC Cement Rs. 650
Bishal Shakti PPC Cement Rs. 625
Ratna PPC Cement Rs. 625
Ashoka PPC Cement Rs. 625
Bishal Opc Cement Rs. 715
Brij Super Premium Opc Cement Rs. 780
Buddha Opc Cement Rs. 820
Apex Opc Cement Rs. 820
Buddha Ppc Cement Rs. 730
CG Opc Cement Rs. 705
CG Gold Ppc Cement Rs. 600
Sagarmatha Gold Ppc Cement Rs. 650
Sagarmatha Opc Cement Rs. 800
Hetauda Opc Cement Rs. 910
Jagdamba Ultra Premium Opc Cement Rs. 730
Jagdamba Ppc Cement Rs. 630
Mangalam Opc Cement Rs. 760
Mangalam Ppc Cement Rs. 675
Nirman Ppc Cement Rs. 670
Nirman Opc Cement Rs. 750
Century Cement Rs. 560
Bahubali Opc Cement Rs. 760
Shaurya Opc Cement Rs. 745
Om Ppc Cement Rs. 550
JK Ppc Cement Rs. 550
Gajraj Ppc Cement Rs. 680
Siddhartha Opc Cement Rs. 735
JK White Cement Rs. 1450
Gorakhkali Cement Rs. 570
Namaste Cement Rs. 560
Pyuthan Opc Cement Rs. 750
Pyuthan Ppc Cement Rs. 640
Reliance Super Shakti Opc Cement Rs. 730
Reliance Ppc Cement Rs. 580
Reliance Ppc Dunlop Cement Rs. 685
Riddhi Siddhi Opc Cement Rs. 820
Riddhi Siddhi Ppc Cement Rs. 650
Saptakoshi Opc Cement Rs. 710
Saptakoshi Ppc Cement Rs. 590
Sarbottam Opc Cement Rs. 770
Sarbottam Opc 43 Grade Cement Rs. 770
Sarbottam Ppc Cement Rs. 670
Shivam OPC 43 Grade Cement Rs. 830
Udaypur Opc Cement Rs. 810


Old Pricing as of Jan 2018 :(Price for 50 kg sack)

Shivam Cement : Rs.887.50 (Updated 29 Jan 2018)

Ambe Cement : Rs.750 (Updated 29 Jan 2018)

Jagdamba Cement : Rs. 860 (Updated 5 Feb 2018)

Arghakhaachi Cement : Rs. 875 (Updated 5 Feb 2018)

Hetauda Cement : Rs. 899
Retailer Price for 50 Kg sack : Rs. 940 (New Pricing)

Agni Cement : Rs.724

Maruti Cement : Rs.830

Nirman Cement : Rs. 720

Shalimar OPC : Rs.870

TMT Steel Bars Price in Nepal :

Hama Steels : Rs.85/kg

Shaakha Steels : Rs.83/kg

Jagdamba Steels : Rs. 86/kg

Sand /Tipper : Rs.24000-Rs.27000


PRICE of PPC cement in Nepal :
The price of range for PPC Cement in the Nepalese market ranges from Rs. 640 per sack to Rs. 680 per sack.This price is inclusive of all Goverment application taxes but without transportation cost . The factory price given below is in Rs per 50 kg sack.

Type: PPC Cement
1. Brand Name: Jagadamba Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 680

2. Brand Name: Sarvottam Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 660

3. Brand Name: Cosmos Cement (Tej)
Factory Price: NRs. 649

4. Brand Name: Orient, Tridev and Agni
Factory Price: NRs. 670

5. Brand Name: Sagarmatha Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 640

6. Brand Name: Shaktiman
Factory Price: NRs. 670

PRICE of OPC cement in Nepal:
The price of range for PPC Cement in the Nepalese market ranges from Rs. 740 per sack to Rs. 860 per sack. This price is inclusive of all Goverment application taxes but without transportation cost .The factory price given below is in Rs per 50 kg sack.

Type: OPC Cement
1. Brand Name: Argakhachi Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 775

2. Brand Name: Jagadamba Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 790

3. Brand Name: United  Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 860

4. Brand Name: Sarvottam Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 750

5. Brand Name: Sagarmatha Cement
Factory Price: NRs. 740

6. Brand Name: Agni Cement (Alpha)
Factory Price: NRs.780

7. Brand Name: Shivam Cement
Factory Price: NRs.825

8. Brand Name: Goenka Cement
Factory Price: NRs.770

9. Brand Name: Shaktiman Cement
Factory Price: NRs.770

10. Brand Name: Bishal Cement
Factory Price: NRs.770 (Per Sack)

11. Brand Name: Maruti Cement
Factory Price: NRs.780 (Per Sack) (For Kathmandu)

TMT Steel Bar Prices:

Himal Steel
8mm – Rs.64
10-25mm – Rs.62
28-32mm – Rs.64.55

Panchakanya Steel
8mm-28mm-32mm : Rs.67
10-20mm : Rs.65
25mm : Rs.66

Ambe Steel 
8mm – Rs.73
10-20mm – Rs.70
25mm – Rs.71
28-32mm – Rs.73

Ashok Steel
10,12,16,20mm – Rs.70.95
8,28,32mm – Rs.74.95

Hama Steel
8mm – Rs.65.60
10-20mm – Rs.63.10
25mm – Rs.64.10
28/32mm- Rs.65.60

Jagadamba Steel
8mm – Rs.73
10-25mm – Rs.70
28-32mm – Rs.72.50

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