CGNet IPTV Price in Nepal

CG Net has today launched it’s much awaited IPTV service in Nepali market.

The company has been a game changer in providing cheap internet service in Nepal.

Now CG Net has brought IPTV service bundled with internet package for it’s subscribers.

The company has recently upgraded its internet speed and has been offering 3 different packages namely – Rockstar 300 Mbps, Popular 150 Mbps and Sprinter 75 Mbps plans.

For IPTV, CG Net has newly introduced – CG Jodi package which offers internet bundled with IPTV.

Hence, the CG Jodi (internet + IPTV) package also comes in three different options:

  • Rockstar Jodi – 305 Mbps + IPTV (ROCKSTAR)
  • Popular Jodi – 155 Mbps + IPTV (POPULAR)
  • Sprinter Jodi – 80 Mbps + IPTV (SPRINTER)

These packages are only available in 3 month and 12 month duration.

CG Net IPTV Packages and Price

CGNet IPTV Price in Nepal

The price of these packages are as follows:

3 Months Plan

  • Rockstar Jodi – Rs. 4542 excl. VAT
  • Popular Jodi – Rs. 3750 excl. VAT
  • Sprinter Jodi – Rs. 2640 excl. VAT

12 Months Plan

  • Rockstar Jodi – Rs. 16,488 excl. VAT
  • Popular Jodi – Rs. 12,660 excl. VAT
  • Sprinter Jodi – Rs. 9,720  excl. VAT

CG Net will charge extra for IPTV setup box at Rs. 2600 .

The company shall provide only 1 IPTV connection per internet connection to subscribers.

CG Grand Jodi

CG Grand Jodi

CG Net has also launched 32 inch and 43 inch Smart TVs on the onset of FIFA World Cup 2022.

The company is offering two models of smart television sets which comes bundled with 80 Mbps internet and IPTV service at no additional costs.

The comapny has priced these smart tvs at Rs. 25,499 and Rs 35,999 respectively.

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