Bajaj Bike Price in Nepal

Bajaj Bike Price in Nepal

Motorbike from Bajaj Bike come in a wide range of categories and prices in Nepal. From bikes built for mileage to powerful engines or overall performance motorbike. The top-rated bikes like Avenger, Discover, Pulsar, and Dominar each have their own unique particular features. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by our customers, along with the Updated [2022] Bajaj Bike Price Lists in Nepal.

Bajaj Bikes Model Price in Nepal
Plaitna 100 ES NRs. 192,900
Discover 125 Disc NRs. 223,900
Discover 125 Drum NRs. 200,900
Discover 125 ST NRs. 230,900
Pulsar 125 Disc NRs. 246,900
Pulsar 150 SD NRs. 282,900
Pulsar 150 TD NRs. 299,900
Pulsar 160 NS TD ABS NRs. 324,900
Pulsar 160 NS TD (Non ABS) NRs. 299,900
Pulsar NS 200 (Non ABS) NRs. 329,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABS NRs. 369,900
Pulsar NS 200 ABS FI NRs. 395,900
Pulsar 220F (Non ABS) NRs. 329,900
Pulsar 220F ABS NRs. 394,900
Avenger 160 Street ABS NRs. 347,900
Avenger 220 Cruise NRs. 399,900
Dominar 250 Dual ABS NRs. 567,900
Dominar 400 Dual ABS NRs. 624,900

Updated on Sept 2022


Bajaj Bike Price in Nepal

1. Platina 100 ES

Platina 100 ES Price In Nepal

Working-class individuals can go for this fashionable Bajaj Platina it gives high mileage and fantastic solace while driving, great components, at a reasonable cost. The comfort is amazing even on uneven Nepali Roads. The expense of upkeep is likewise low contrasted and different bikes.

Price: Rs. 192,900

2. Discover 125 Disc

Discover 125 Disc Price In Nepal

The New 2021 Edition Discover 125 Disk offers a wide range of features, better deceleration with an incredible yet practical ride to guarantee you get your everyday portion of fun. Produces 11PS of power at 7500rpm and 11Nm of torque at 5500rpm. The bike features a 5-speed transmission. Bajaj sells the Discover 125 with the option of a front disc brake.

Price: Rs 223,900

3. Discover 125 Drum

Discover 125 Drum Price In Nepal

The bike has a 4-stroke, mono cylinder 125cc engine. For substantial performance air-cooled engine provides an output of 11 bhp at 8000 rpm. This engine is mated with a five-speed manual gearbox with all gears downshift pattern and comes with drum brakes.

Price: Rs 200,900

4. Discover 125 ST

Discover 125 ST Price In Nepal

The Discover ST’s motor is based on the 125cc twin-spark motor from the earlier Discover. However, it has been revised and now features a four-valve head for better breathing, and corrugated fins for improved cooling. As a result, power is up to 12.8bhp and torque although the same is now developed 1000rpm higher.

Price: Rs 230,900

5. Pulsar 125 Disc

Pulsar 125 Price In Nepal

New Experience of thrill with the most powerful bike in the 125cc segment. Meet the new Pulsar 125 Disc with a modern twist, first-in-class split-seat and split-grab rails, styled with infinity twin-strip LED tail lamps, striking neon highlights on the tank, grab rail and black alloys wheel.

Price: Rs. 246,900

6. Pulsar NS 125 BS6

Pulsar NS 125 BS6 Price In Nepal

Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 is now available in Nepal. Pulsar NS 125 is powered by a BS6 compliant 125 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected DTS-i engine. The latest Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 motorbike has a fierce design with a wolf-eye-inspired headlight and side lights on both sides.

Price: Rs. 279,900

7. Pulsar 150 SD

Pulsar 150 SD Price In Nepal

The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of the greatest selling 150cc motorbikes. The Pulsar is an exceptionally famous Nepal given the right cost and an enthusiastic 150cc motor. Bajaj as of late refreshed the 150 which contains Neon, Single Disk, and Twin Disk variations. Accordingly, you can now additionally get a Pulsar 150 with circle brakes on the two closures. Regardless of a more seasoned look, the Pulsar stays the top-of-the-line 150cc bike in light of its incentive for cash value.

Price: Rs 282,900

8. Pulsar 150 TD

Pulsar 150 TD Price In Nepal

Bajaj has carried out the new release of the Pulsar 150 TD which provisions twin plate brakes, more feature plans, and new color choices. The Bajaj bikes have consistently been simple and modest motorcycles keeping up with identical components.

Price: Rs 299,900

9. Pulsar 160 NS  TD ABS

Pulsar NS160 TD Price In Nepal

The Pulsar NS160 is put over the Pulsar 150 as far as valuing and styling in Bajaj’s bike range. The NS160 holds all its DNA from the greater Pulsar NS200, with the main visual contrast being the more modest tires. At the point when it showed up on our shores, Bajaj cruisers promoted the NS160 as the most impressive 160cc bike discounted in Nepal. The NS160 is additionally perhaps the most forcefully styled bike in Nepal.

Price: Rs 324,900

10. Pulsar 160 NS TD (Non ABS)


Pulsar NS 160 ABS Price In Nepal

The new generation Pulsar 160 NS TD comes with Twin Spark DSi Engine, Twin Discs, Powerful front end, premium seat for a sporty driving position, and an ultra-sharp handling experience, they’ll make you look like a master of speed.

Price: Rs. 299,900

11. Pulsar NS 200 (Non ABS)


Pulsar NS 200 non ABS Price In Nepal

With all new Pulsar NS 200 (Non ABS) Bike Available in Nepal. Turn your city ride into an unprecedented experience with the world’s first triple-spark, four-valve DTS-I engine; designed for adept driving demonstrating its performance & speed.

Price: Rs. 329,900

12. Pulsar NS 200 ABS

Pulsar NS 200 Price In Nepal

The Pulsar NS200 was the first bike to be born after the collaboration between KTM and Bajaj. The NS200 sits between the 220F and the RS200 in the Bajaj motorcycle line-up. The NS200, with its aggressive and muscular look, stays true to the Pulsar’s racing DNA. The NS200 is perhaps the hottest 200cc motorcycle on sale in Nepal right now.

Price: Rs 369,900

13. Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS

Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS Price Nepal

All the same specs and features made in the same DNA of NS 200 this model comes with its unique colors and a FI system embeds.
Price: Rs 395,900

14. Pulsar 220F (Non ABS)

Pulsar 220F Price In Nepal

Get ready to rule the streets with an affordable bike for customers in the four-stroke segment with DTS-i, oil-cooled, single-cylinder powertrain, The Bajaj Pulsar 220F is one of the most popular bike in Nepal.

Price: Rs. 329,900

15. Pulsar 220F ABS

Pulsar 220F ABS Price In Nepal

The Pulsar 220F is one of the most famous exhibition arranged motorbike available in the market. Being a reasonable cruiser, the Pulsar has seen preferences of numerous fans on a tight spending plan, and the 220F, too, proceeds to possibly be a solid dealer due to the snappy plan joined with the dependability and after-deals support from Bajaj.

Price: Rs 391,900

16. Avenger 160 Street ABS

Avenger 160 Street ABS Price In Nepal

Bajaj Avenger Street 160 offers more for the buck! While the lack of Fuel Injection is still unfortunate, it makes up for it in other ways with a new Sportster design, roadster headlamp, street control handlebars offering a dynamic upgrade in the looks department. Holds 160 CC DTS-I engine.

Price: Rs. 347,900

17. Avenger 220 Cruise

Avenger 220 Cruise Price In Nepal

Are you’re looking for more performance? The ability to take your bike out on long highway rides, and the visual appeal of a cruiser? It’s a stretch you should consider making Avenger 220 is a compact luxury machine that provides comfort and an efficient ride.

Price: Rs 399,900

18. Dominar 250 Dual ABS

Dominar D 250 Price In Nepal

Fans of the Dominar series will be happy to know that the Dominar 250 looks virtually identical to its elder sibling. Bajaj Auto hasn’t tinkered around with the design, and those who loved the Dominar 400 for its elegant and contemporary design, are sure to find its 250cc derivative quite appealing.

Shockingly, the Bajaj Dominar 250 new model gets every one of the fancy odds and ends – excepting the stuff position marker that is – found on its higher-limit kin. It likewise gets double channel ABS and a shoe grasp. Besides, the instrument group arrangement – with a completely computerized instrument bunch taking the middle space and a little LCD directly beneath the handlebar – is acquired as well. As far as lighting, the headlamp and taillamp are the two LEDs.

Price: Rs 567,900

19. Dominar 400 Dual ABS

Dominar 400 Price In Nepal

The Dominar 400 is the lead cruiser in Bajaj Auto reach since it sits over the Pulsar range concerning both the elements and particulars. The Dominar 400 was the principal Indian bike to be sold with full LED headlamps. In addition, the bike additionally gets double channel ABS, a converse LED split speedometer, and a LED taillight unit, as a component of its broad element list.

The Bajaj Dominar 400 new model comes outfitted with double channel ABS as a feature of the standard wellbeing hardware. The headlamp of the Dominar 400 is a full LED headlamp with LED DRLs coordinated and the tail lamp likewise comes controlled by LEDs. The instrument bunch is completely computerized and shows the speedometer, tachometer, driving modes, and the wide range of various ingenious data initially.

Price: Rs 624,900


Q1. What will be the lowest down payment for Bajaj Bikes?

– The lowest down payment available on Bajaj bikes starts with a 20% payment with customized monthly installment plan.

Q2. Is there any Down-Payment or Financing Facility?

– Yes, we do have Down-Payment facility during Normal and Festive Days. During Normal days include down payment starting from 20% whereas during Festive season or Offer Campaign customers can have 40% Down-Payment with 0% Interest at 18 Months Installments. Please contact Hulas Fin Serve Ltd. for any Financing related queries.

Q3. What is the city mileage of the Bajaj Discover?

– In terms of mileage, the Bajaj Discover models have proven to be fairly efficient. The high mileage of these vehicles has helped them gain popularity among the target audience. The Bajaj Discover 135 gets a city mileage of 67 kilometers per liter. The city mileage for the Bajaj Discover 150S is 53.3750 miles, while for the 125M it is 55.0000 miles. Likewise, the city mileage of the Bajaj Discover 100T is 71.5714 miles. Whereas for 150cc the city mileage is 69 km/l, and for 125TH it’s 55 km/l. With a more powerful engine, the bike will reach a top speed of roughly 135 km/hr.

Q4. What is the top speed of Pulsar 220F ABS?

– With more powerful engine, the bike will reach the top speed of roughly 135 Km/hr.

Q5. In what color variants are Pulsar 220F available in Nepal?

– Bajaj Pulsar 220 are available in a variety of colors like: Midnight Black, Misty Grey Silver, Plasma Blue, Cocktail Wine Red.

Q6. What is the engine specification Bajaj Dominar 400?

– In most cases, the motorcycle engines are two-stroke or four-stroke petrol engines. The characteristics of the engine can be used to classify it. The number of cylinders, the capacity of the combustion chamber, and the number of strokes each cycle determine the classification. The combustion chamber can range in size from 50cc to 1500cc. The bike’s engine, or heart, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. With the help of some factors such as engine type, power and torque, and so on, we can figure out how an engine works. The Bajaj Dominar 400’s highest power and torque outputs as Bajaj Dominar 400 Engine Specifications: Maximum Power: 40 PS @ 8800 rpm, Maximum Torque: 35Nm @ 7000 rpm.


Q7. What is the fuel tank capacity of Bajaj Pulsar 150 TD?

– Bajaj Pulsar 150 TD has a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters petrol and a reserved capacity of 3.5 liters.


Q8. How is the performance of Bajaj Dominar 250?

– Bajaj Dominar 250 has a similar design, appearance, and functionality to the Dominar 400. Mechanically, the bike is powered by the KTM Duke 250’s single-cylinder twin-spark engine, which has been adjusted to deliver 27PS of peak power at 8500rpm and 23.5Nm of torque at 6500rpm. The engine is paired to a 6- speed slipper clutch transmission. With 37mm USD front forks and a multi-step adjustable mono-shock rear suspension, as well as 300mm front and 230mm rear disc brakes, the bike is ready to ride.

The Bajaj Dominar 250 is equipped with the same LED lighting as the Dominar 400, as well as dual-channel ABS, bungee straps tucked beneath the seat, a twin-barrel exhaust, and a perimeter frame. Vine Black and Canyon Red are the two color options for the Bajaj Dominar 250.

Q9. How do I find the right motorcycle for me?

– Bajaj Bike Nepal has highly economic motorcycle-like Bajaj CT 100, Discover, and Platina to high-end power motorcycle-like Dominar, Pulsar NS, and Pulsar 220. For people who regularly ride or for people who want an adventure partner. The line of motorcycles available fits any choice. Next is obviously your price range, picking the right type and the something that fits your budget helps you find your choice of Bajaj Bike.


Q10. Which motorcycle is best amongst youth?

– Bike in Nepal has become a necessity for everyone these days, especially for college students, as they make traveling easier and save money and time. we have compiled a list of the best bikes that not only fit your budget but also meet your needs.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, Bajaj Pulsar 220, and Bajaj Dominar 250  all these motorcycles respectively have one thing in common they are made for more power and performance as the CC increases. Currently, these are the Bike that has gained a lot of respect, good reviews from young customers, and proves to be worth the money.

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Q11. How can I Contact Bajaj Showrooms in my Nearest Location?

– HH Bajaj has 100+ authorized Bajaj Dealers all over Nepal. Visit: Bajaj Showrooms in Nepal for contact and address details.


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