Renault Car Price in Nepal

Renault Car Price in Nepal

Groupe Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in 1899. The company produces a range of cars and vans, and in the past has manufactured trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches and autorail vehicles.

According to the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, in 2016 Renault was the ninth biggest automaker in the world by production volume. The Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance is the fourth-largest automotive group.

Headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, the Renault group is made up of the namesake Renault marque and subsidiaries, Alpine, Automobile Dacia from Romania, Renault Samsung Motors from South Korea, and AvtoVAZ from Russia.

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Renault has a 43.4% controlling stake in Nissan of Japan, and a 1.55% stake in Daimler AG of Germany (since 2012, Renault manufactures engines for the Daimler’s Mercedes A-Class and B-Class cars).

Renault has various joint ventures, including Oyak-Renault (Turkey), Renault Pars (Iran). Carlos Ghosn is the current chairman and CEO. The French government owns a 19.73% share of Renault as of April 2015.


Renault Cars Price in Nepal 2022

In this page you will find price list of all Renault Cars that are sold and available in Nepali market. The price list is up to date at the time of writing and can be seen from the date posted above.

Renault Price List



Variant Engine Capacity MRP
RXT ‘O’ MT 999 cc 2,679,000.00
RXT ‘O’ MT CLIMBER 999 cc 2,789,000.00
RXT ‘O’ AMT 999 cc 2,849,000.00



Variant Engine Capacity MRP
RXL 999 cc 3,099,000.00
RXT 999 cc 3,309,000.00
RXZ 999 cc 3,509,000.00
RXZ BI TONE 999 cc 3,549,000.00
RXZ AMT BI TONE 999 cc 3,699,000.00



Variant Engine Capacity MRP
RXS 1498 cc 4,699,000.00
RXZ 1498 cc 5,099,000.00



Variant Engine Capacity MRP
RXE MT 999 cc 2,999,000.00
RXL MT 999 cc 3,180,000.00
RXL AMT 999 cc 3,399,000.00
RXL DT MT 999 cc 3,215,000.00
RXL DT AMT 999 cc 3,434,000.00
RXT MT 999 cc 3,470,000.00
RXT AMT 999 cc 3,639,000.00
RXT DT MT 999 cc 3,505,000.00
RXT DT AMT 999 cc 3,674,000.00
RXZ MT 999 cc 3,820,000.00
RXZ AMT 999 cc 3,949,000.00
RXZ DT MT 999 cc 3,860,000.00
RXZ DT AMT 999 cc 3,984,000.00
RXT TURBO 999 cc 4,015,000.00
RXT DT TURBO 999 cc 4,049,000.00
RXZ TURBO 999 cc 4,265,000.00
RXZ DT TURBO 999 cc 4,299,000.00

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