Mobile Price Nepal

Colors Mobile Price in Nepal

Colors Mobile Price in Nepal

Since its introduction in 2009, Colors has become the most popular mobile phone brand in Nepal. In South Asian countries, Colors is a well-liked smartphone brand. Now, Colors is well-known for its low-priced smartphones aimed squarely at the budget market.

Now that their main market is low-income customers, Colors Mobile has most smartphones running under Android Go. As a result, the most up-to-date colorful smartphones run Android Go (a streamlined and optimized version of Android), have access to 4G networks, and boast high-quality cameras and long-lasting batteries.

TeleTalk Private Limited is the sole Colors distributor in Nepal. The phone may be purchased from a number of different brick-and-mortar and online retailers in Nepal, and there are more than 40 service locations to choose from. The list below does not include any smartphones that cost more than Rs 10,000.

Color Bar Phone Feature Phone Models

Price Rs.

CL 240 Power Rs 2,039
C-23 Rs 2,009
CL 201 Power Rs 1,699
Colors C21 Price in Nepal
C-21 Rs 1,630
C-18 Rs 1,543
CL 218 Rs 1,616
CL 200 Star Rs 1,403
CL 200 Lite Rs 1,300
CL 200 Rs 1,300
CL 185 Music Rs 1,329
CL 101 Power Rs 1,282
CL 101 Lite Rs 1,005
CL 101 Mini Rs 1,005
CL 100 X-press Rs 1,329
C-11i Rs 1,223
C-11 Rs 1,127
Colors Smartphone Models Price Rs.
Colors Pride 7S Rs 8,499
Colors Pride 1X Rs 8,495
Colors Pride 5E Rs 7,925
Colors Pride 1E Rs 6,999
Colors Pride 1A Rs 5,585
Colors Pride 1 Rs 3,995

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