Hyundai Car Price in Nepal

Hyundai Car Price in Nepal

Hyundai Car Price in Nepal 2022

The Hyundai Motor Company (Hangul: 현대자동차; Hanja: 現代自動車; RR: Hyeondae Jadongch; Hangul: 현대; Hanja: 現代; MR: Hyŏndae, IPA: [hjə́ːndɛ], modernity; KRX: 005380) is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company was founded in 1967 and, along with its 32.8% owned subsidiary, Kia Motors, and its 100% owned luxury subsidiary Genesis Motors which together comprise the Hyundai Motor Group. It is the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Hyundai operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan, South Korea, which has an annual production capacity of 1.6 million units. The company employs about 75,000 people worldwide. Hyundai vehicles are sold in 193 countries through some 5,000 dealerships and showrooms.

Hyundai Car Price in Nepal List, last updated: 22 August 2022

ModelVariantsCapacityFuelPrice – MRP
Magna AMT1086ccPetrol30,96,000
Grand i10 NIOSMagna1197ccPetrol3,356,000
Magna AMT1197ccPetrol3,596,000
All new i20Magna1197ccPetrol3,896,000
Verna ( 2019 )SX1591ccPetrol49,96,000
VenueE 1.21197ccPetrol37,96,000
S 1.01197ccPetrol4,396,000
S 1.21197ccPetrol4,196,000
S+ 1.21197ccPetrol4,596,000
S iMT 1.0T998ccPetrol46,96,000
S(O) iMT 1.0T998ccPetrol47,96,000
SX iMT 1.0T998ccPetrol51,96,000
S 1.51493ccDiesel46,96,000
All New CretaE1497ccPetrol4,956,000
SX CVT1497ccPetrol7,196,000
SX(O) IVT1497ccPetrol7,756,000
TucsonGL 2WD MT1999ccPetrol94,96,000
GLX 2WD AT1999ccPetrol1,25,96,000
GLX 4WD AT TURBO1598ccPetrol1,42,96,000
GL 2WD AT1998ccDiesel1,13,96,000
GLX 4WD AT1998ccDiesel1,39,96,000
Santa FeGLS 4WD AT2497ccPetrol1,68,96,000
GL 4WD AT2151ccDiesel1,65,96,000
GLS 4WD AT2151ccDiesel1,88,96,000
PalisadeGLS 4WD AT2199ccDiesel2,35,96,000
KONAGL 100 KWElectric6,056,000
GLS 100 KWElectric6,296,000
IONIQ 5GLS VISION ROOFElectric1,16,96,000

Price List (w.e.f. 16th September 2022)

In this page you will find price list of all Hyundai Cars that are sold and available in Nepali market. The price list is up to date at the time of writing and can seen from the date posted above.

We will keep updating this page if the price list for Hyundai car varies in due time.

Please keep visiting this page for more updates.

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