Best Bikes under 2 Lakhs in Nepal

Best Bikes under 2 Lakhs in Nepal

Despite the massive rise in Kathmandu’s population in the past few years, public vehicles are still far fewer in number to ensure a comfortable, hassle free ride to commuters on a daily basis.
There are no well-defined schedules, and the vehicles are generally poorly maintained, lack cleanliness, and are overcrowded and uncomfortable.
In such case, motorcycles are best option for Kathmanduites to ride freely from point A to B despite clogged traffic jams and other hassles within.
The sales of two-wheelers are getting popular from Indian manufacturers brands such as Honda,Hero,TVS,Suzuki,Yamaha and Mahindra.
Experts believe that motorcycles are best options for office workers and middle class workers as they are budget friendly and provide great mileage.
These motorcycles are lightweight and easy to ride in narrow streets of Kathmandu, hence motorcycles with lesser engine displacements such as 100cc, 110cc and 125cc fall in choice of new as well as old riders.

In this post we are going to provide you a list of motorcycles which are lightweight,gives better mileage and costs less under 2 lakh nepali rupees. So here’s the list of Best Bikes under 2 Lakhs in Nepal.

TVS Motorcycles

ModelPrice in Nepali Rupees
Stryker1 Lakh 74 thousand 900
Phoenix1 Lakh 85 thousand 900
Victor1 Lakh 67 thousand 900
Starcity Plus 110cc1 Lakh 62 thousand 900
Star Sport1 Lakh 56 thousand 900


ModelPrice in Nepali Rupees
Discover 125 Disc1 Lakh 86 thousand 900
Discover 125 Drum1 Lakh 78 thousand 900
Platina 100 ES1 Lakh 54 thousand 900


ModelPrice in Nepali Rupees
Saluto Disc (2 LP 8) 125cc1 Lakh 88 thousand 900
Saluto Drum (2 LP 5) 125cc1 Lakh 83 thousand 900


Model CCPrice in Nepali Rupees
Centuro XT 1101 Lakh 53 thousand 900
Centuro NXT1101 Lakh 57 thousand 900
Centuro RockStar1101 Lakh 51 thousand 500
Centuro Disc Brake1101 Lakh 63 thousand 900


ModelCCPrice in Rupees
Splendour Plus BS IV1001 Lakh 63 thousand 500
Splendour Pro1001 Lakh 61 thousand 500
Splendour Pro Classic1001 Lakh 57 thousand 500
Splendour i-Smart 110 VS VI1001 Lakh 70 thousand 500
Passion Pro1001 Lakh 68 thousand 500
Super Splendour i3S BS IV1251 Lakh 81 thousand
Glamour DRS BS IV1251 Lakh 83 thousand 500
Glamour DSS BS IV1251 Lakh 88 thousand 500


ModelPrice in Rupees
Hayate1 Lakh 69 thousand 500


ModelPrice in Rupees
CB Shine (Drum Brake)1 Lakh 94 thousand 900
CD Dream Deluxe1 Lakh 70 thousand 500

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