LG Microwave Oven Price in Nepal

LG Microwave Oven Price in Nepal

LG NeoChef is a Microwave oven with Smart Inverter technology. Through powerful and precise control (Upto 1,100W*), it provides faster, more even cooking performance. With precise temperature control, you can cook a variety of dishes that are not possible with other microwave ovens.

Model No. / CapacityMRPBest BuyBiggest
MH6336G1B –  25 Ltr26,29022,5903,700
MH6565DIS –  25 Ltr28,59023,7304,860
MS2595DIS –  25 Ltr.25,39021,8903,500
MS3636GIS – 36 Ltr.32,49027,8904,600
MJ3965BGS – 39 Ltr.70,79060,8909,900
MS2043DB – 20 Ltr.15,19013,0902,100
MH2044DB – 20 Ltr.16,49014,1902,300
MC2146BL – 21 Ltr.27,19023,3903,800
MC2846SL – 28 Ltr.31,89027,3904,500
MC2886BRUM – 28 Ltr.35,19030,2904,900
MC3286BRUM – 32 Ltr.38,49033,1905,300
MJEN326TL – 32 Ltr.45,69039,0006,690

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